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Aeterna Noctis presents an extended gameplay


Aeternum Game Studios has released an extended gameplay of more than 15 minutes to show more content about what their game has to offer. The new gameplay allows to appreciate more of the Ascension Cave and goes further into the game mechanics, so the viewers could see more about de level design, movement controls, and game features. The decisión of making a new gameplay was a consequence of the good reaction from the press and gamers all over the world then Aeterna Noctis was officially announced at PlayStation Talents: The Moment.

One of the most important features revealed during the extended gameplay was the levelling system. Aeterna Noctis has a skill tree where the player chooses the upgrades for the King of Darkness through three separate paths: melee combat, survival attributes, and magic abilities. Each one of these ramifications allows a deep degree of specialization but at the same time, is not mutually exclusive. Players are free to upgrade their characters as they want.

The extended gameplay takes place at the Ascension Cave, and introduces a new mechanic to the viewers, the mission system of Aeterna Noctis. The video shows how the King of Darkness talks to an NPC that gives him an important task in order to proceed through the story. He must go deeper into the cave and recover an important ítem. What follows is a fast-paced section pack-full of combat situations and platforming. The character makes his way through different sections of the area until he faces a powerful and huge creature.

This final encounter serves as a boss fight for the gameplay and shows the complexity of the combat in Aeterna Noctis. The player will need to be accurate with their moves and hit at the right time to win the battle. This boss fight was included in the gameplay to appreciate more aspects of the art style and sound design of Aeterna Noctis. The entire battle is matched with amazing animations, particles effects, and music.

Take a look at the Aeterna Noctis extended gameplay and see for yourself how the development team is on its way to designing a responsive and challenging new Metroidvania title.


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Friday, 19 July 2024

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